Aug 27, 2017 | Tyson Lemke

Curtain Call

2 types of courage to change the end of the story.


The Questions referred to at the end of the sermon are below.

What is one arena where God is calling you to be bold?

What is something God has been confronting you on?

What small part can you play in God's big kingdom?


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Series Information

A study of Ezra and Nehemiah.

Humanity builds its beautiful gardens, its strong fortresses and magnificent temples.  Yet no matter how brilliant the project and significant the progress, ruin lies in wait.  Time and again, great accomplishment is replaced by greater defeat, and each collapse raises the question, “Is there something better than this?  Something that can last?”

There is one Builder whose purposes cannot be shaken and whose work never deteriorates, and He invites us to be part of His master plan… to rebuild, restore and renew… even from the ashes of ruin.

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