Sunday Morning Electives

Electives meet at 9:30 am in our Fellowship Hall area (Sept – May).

One of the things that makes GBC unique is our Elective program.  These classes are not just your simple “Sunday School”.  Taught by gifted teachers, these classes will take you beyond just the basics of the faith.  What does that mean exactly?  The 3 classes cover a number of topics beginning with matters of Christian thought and apologetics and ultimately culminating in equipping people to use their gifts. All of the classes are divided into 12 week courses, and the first section of each class runs September through December.  The second section of the electives is January through May.  Certainly, you can feel free to jump into any one of our classes to check it out for yourself, or you can contact Pastor Ty who will be happy to give you more information.

Small groups

We believe it is essential for your faith for you to be surrounded by solid people who live in your neighborhood and are dealing with similar issues to you.  Particularly in a town like Ann Arbor where so many people are moving in and out of the area, it is crucial to have a small group who will spend time with you, encourage you, help you when you need it and serve the community with you.  We have a wonderful small group program and would love to give you information about the groups including telling you how to sign up for one.  Simply email Pastor Ty with your questions, and we can get you started on your way to exploring what these Grace Small Groups are all about.

Women to Women

The goal of Women’s Ministry programs is to bring women of all ages into meaningful relationships to help each other grow in Christ.

Bible Studies: Sundays at 6:00 p.m. and Tuesdays at 9:30 a.m.
Ladies, plan to come along with us for a year of building relationships with other women and with God. Click here for current information.

Little Dresses for Africa
Dee Taylor is continuing this ministry sewing pillow-case dresses for African girls monthly from her home. Women interested in participating on a rotating basis may call or email her (degetay [at] comcast [dot] net) to add their name to the contact list. Sewing experience is NOT mandatory for helping.