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Meeting People

Posted by Reagan Sims on

As our church has spent the past several weeks contemplating what it means to live a life on mission, God began to challenge me on my habits. In particular, He has been working on me to take some first, small steps in that life, the step of truly noticing people. So, I am a coffee guy. Let me...

Worried, Weary, and Willing

Posted by Reagan Sims on

A few months back, several members of our staff went to a one-day conference focused on supporting families. Now I had never been to this particular conference before so I was a bit wary about what to expect. Will this be worth the time and money? Will I get something useful out of today that...

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Bringing the “Mission Field”…HOME.

Posted by Amanda Thomas on

This summer the people of Grace Bible Church have the opportunity to witness and serve as one of our own families uniquely live out the gospel message.   The Clifford family has stepped out in faith to open their home to two orphans from Eastern Europe.  This brother and sister pair...

Adoption Awareness Month

Posted by Amanda Thomas on

November is recognized nationally as Adoption Awareness Month.  Today, in the United States over 100,000 children are waiting for their permanent families.  Globally there is an estimated 153 million children at greater risk for neglect, abuse, poverty and health related crisis due to...

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Worship Wars

Posted by Brantley Vosler on

“For years we’ve read about or experienced firsthand the “worship wars’” — conflicts over music styles, song selections, and drums. But far too little has been said about the worship wars going on inside of us, and they’re much more significant.&rdquo...


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