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GBC Refuge Campus- FAQ's

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Q: Will there be GraceKids classes or childcare?
A: Yes! There will be GraceKids classes for children birth-5th grade during our Worship Service.  For safety reasons space is limited and signup ahead of time is required.  If you are not on the Refuge Campus GraceKids Ministry mailing list, please contact :Hannah Reisen ( )

Q: What time and how many services will we have?
A: We currently have one service at 10:00 AM.

Q: How will seating work?
 A: There will be designated seating areas. Each service can accommodate 23 households. Each household will sit together, 6 feet apart from other households. We will fill seating from the front of the auditorium to the back and dismiss from the back to the front. 
Q: But wait, what is a “household?”
A: A household is a group of related or non-related people wanting to sit close together (not socially distant). For example, if you are coming alone - you are a household. If you are a group of 3, you are a household. If you are a group of 5, you are a household. If your household is larger than 5, please contact David Wade ( )
Q: Do we need to sign up ahead of time?
A: Yes! A Sign-up Genius link will be available every Monday morning for the following Sunday. We can accommodate 23 households at each service. (Watch The LOOP for the link)

Q: Will we need to wear masks?
A: Wearing a mask in the building is expected and neccesary.
Please bring your own, but if you forget, we will have some masks available. 
 Q: But wait, can’t I just show up for church?
A: “Just showing up” is strongly discouraged and you will run the risk of being turned away. These are complicated and difficult times, but we are committed to social distance seating.

 Q: Are we singing corporately?
A: Although our "in-person" services include music and several songs of worship, for safety reasons we are not singing corporately.

Q: Will there be special seating for those who are “at-risk”?
A: No. Although we are taking precautions to keep things clean and people socially distant, those who are “at-risk” may want to consider continuing to worship remotely.
Q: Ok, but will the services continue to be available on-line?
A: Our pre-recorded service will still be available by 9:30 on Sunday.  We will offer both options for the foreseeable future.  The “in person” service will not be recorded or live-streamed.  Please choose the format that is best for you! 
Q: Will there be coffee and tea?
No.  These will be “bring your own coffee” services and you will be asked to remove everything from your space when you leave. 

Q: Will bathrooms be available?
A. Yes, of course. Lysol wipes, hand sanitizer and of course soap will be available in each bathroom.

A new sign-up link for Worship will be sent every Monday!


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