Family Study

Why a Family Study?

We are convinced that the consistent action of a family worshipping, learning, and praying together is an invaluable addition to any family life. Therefore, we created the Family Study to help moms and dads connect the lessons they are learning at GBC to the day-to-day conversations they are having in their homes. 

How to use the Family Study.

Each week, the Family Study will contain a couple of elements.

First, the Study will contain a main passage. This passage is usually the sermon text or a portion of the sermon text from the week's sermon. Secondly, the Family Study will have series of several questions aimed at helping  spark discussion on the passage and lead us to apply these concepts to our lives. Next, each week will have a  "Story" section that serves as the body of the lesson. This section helps summarize the story in a narrative form and draws out the themes and concepts central to the week's teaching. Finally, each Study will contain a short prayer designed to help us connect with the Lord over what He has showed us in His Word.

Sample Family Study Outline

Note for Parents:   
The study is  designed to be a guideline to help you lead the discussion in your home. Feel free to change or rearrange the content in whatever way best fits your family. You are the expert on connecting to your family!


Current Series

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Past Weeks and Series. 

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Rebuild, Restore, Renew - Week 6

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Rebuild, Restore, Renew - Week 4

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